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15/10/2022 17:54 in News


  • To provide an in-depth study and analysis of the problems of political and social stability, security and public safety and socio-development in Africa and its Diaspora, propose policy options for their solutions and the implementation strategies.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise and experience through seminars, workshops, conferences, roundtables and study groups of African and Afro-Descendant scholars, security experts, policymakers and implementors.

  • To publish books, monographs, occasional papers, newsletters and such other publications that will support the aims and objectives of PANAFSTRAG, inform policy makers and enlighten the general public.
  • To create a platform for bonding between Africans and Afro-Descendants in sharing best practices in community security, social issues, economic development, and entrepreneurship with respect to Small Medium Scale Enterprises d(MSMEs).
  • to collaborate and partner through its Reps with international, continental, and regional organizations such as UN, AU, Industries, and specialized Agencies with interests in Africa and Diaspora.